Testimonials from Dr. Porter’s Patients

Dr. John Lenihan – Robotic Gynecological Surgeon

Recent Patient

“My research on surgical approaches as well as my own experience with being a robotic gynecologic surgeon led me to Dr. Porter. It is clear to me from the data that the learning curve for becoming accomplished at this procedure is fairly lengthy and that the more surgeries a surgeon performs the better. Dr. Porter has done more than 3,000 procedures, so if anyone could get the optimal result from surgery, it would be him.”

Brian Tinsley

Recent Patient

“I sought out Dr. Porter for his expertise in teaching others because someone that is highly skilled is sought out by his peers for knowledge transfer. Meeting with Dr. Porter face to face, his soft-spoken confidence is evident from the second you meet him and you know he’s going to give you his full attention to meet your needs.”

Derek Streat

CO Founder & CEO of C-SATS, INC.

“Technology is transforming healthcare in myriad ways from empowering patients to be more engaged in their care to enabling providers to intimately understand their patients and personalize their care. Physicians like Dr. Porter understand this well and clearly demonstrate this in their practices. He is one of the leading users of advanced robotics in surgery, tele-education and online skill appraisal and improvement.”

Perry Anthony

Recent Patient

“I was in the position of having to ask my urologist, “If your life was on the line, who would you use to get out a potentially dangerous malignant tumor that 99% of urologists would say can’t be done?” says Perry Anthony. “The answer was clear — Dr. Porter.”

“I didn’t do any regression analysis in picking Dr. Porter, but it’s an investment gut feel, as the pieces of information started to come together, the answers became obvious. In the end, Porter’s qualifications were so astounding-he picked me.”

“Dr Porter’s name keeps coming up for having done surgeries that others say couldn’t be done,” says Perry Anthony, a recent patient. “The da Vinci system is merely an extension of the surgeons hand – only much more precise. It’s a surgical avatar. ”

Dr. David Albala

Chief of Urology at Crouse Hospital / Syracuse, New York & Medical Director for Associated Medical Professionals

“Dr. Porter is an international authority doing groundbreaking work, truly a magician with the robot,” says somebody named Dr Albala. “Yet he is humble and well-grounded, always focused on doing the right thing for his patients.”

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Seattle surgeon first in the Pacific Northwest to complete record 3000 procedures with the da Vinci System robotic technology Dr. James Porter of Swedish Medical Center among top five in nation,